Hello, I'm Adam.


Design engineer and innovator for the environment


I’m an engineer at heart. I love discovering how things tick, this passion for detail has allowed me to create a design studio focused on making things that solve some of biggest challenges of our time.

Inheriting Earth specialises in the early stages, because the hardest part of a project is always going from zero to one. Our design philosophy focuses on setting the vision as early as possible. A strong vision allows decisions to be made quickly without compromise. This accelerates a project getting you to market faster.

Strong vision has allowed Inheriting Earth to undertake monumental challenges. We are working on projects that are changing the UK curriculum towards a circular economy, that capture tons of plastic heading towards our Ocean and a device that could save over 100,000 lives per year by removing infection at source.  

I’m excited to see what we can do for you and I hope you can be a part of our journey.

Adam Root


My Services

I work with billion-dollar multinational companies to self-fund inventors. Really, it’s finding out about what you need and creating a solution to fit.

As an outline we have two ways of working:

The Mary Poppins Service.

Offering more than a spoon full of sugar, this is when I come to you. We look at where you want to go and come up with a plan to get there. This is all about solving your challenges and showing you how you can solve them in future.

Innovation House.

This is Inheriting Earth taking a project on for you. It’s our office space, labs and test houses. We can provide a complete turn key solution. From a sketch on a napkin onto the shelves at Walmart. 


“Glance at the sun.

See the moon and the stars.

Gaze at the beauty of earth's greenings.



—  Hildegard von Bingen


The Company I keep


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